He said to them, “Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature.”



Tired of struggling with your preaching?


Tired of the late Saturday nights?


Tired of recycling the same homilies over and over?


Tired of going over homily helps again and again,
without using hardly anything?



Homilies For Life is here to help.
Finally a preaching resource that provides priests and deacons with
what they need most  — sample homilies at a reasonable price.


Why struggle alone each and every week trying to come up with ideas for  your homily? Homilies For Life can and will help you generate ideas to  simplify your homily preparation. Nothing fancy here. No clever  graphics. No extras that you won’t  use. Just the basics you need to make a  difference in the lives of your people each Sunday. Don’t know how to start?  Having trouble drawing from real-life examples? Can’t ever seem to wrap it up? Rest easy. Homilies For Life can be an  essential tool enabling you to preach with power, inspiration, and humility.

By ordering Homilies For Life you will receive:

  • A year’s worth of sample homilies (nearly 60 in all), either by e-mail or hard copy.
  • Homilies reflecting Catholic theology and practice.
  • Homilies containing one main idea, not three or four.
  • Homilies written in the style and language people speak, not in the style of an academic paper.
  • Homilies of a preachable length (5-7 minutes). No rambling here.
  • Clear beginnings, endings, and transitions. Easy to preach from memory.
  • Homilies which incorporate real-life examples, allowing each preacher to insert stories from his own experiences.
  • References to culture and current events, helping the faithful connect the dots between their lives and faith.
  • Also great for DREs, Adult Education Leaders, Small Christian Community Facilitators, RE and School Teachers, and many others involved in Church ministry.

Why not make Homilies For Life an important part of your homily preparation? Why not give yourself the best chance to touch the hearts and minds of your people?  For the low price of only $92 for a hard copy (plus $7 shipping and handling), or $69 for an e-mail copy, why not lift a tremendous weight from your shoulders? No need to pay up front. We’ll bill you when we ship the  product. If you’re not happy, write cancel and send it back. It’s that  simple. What’s there to lose? You deserve it. Your people deserve it. Why wait  any longer?